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Abhidharma Buddhism to 150 A.D. (Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies) (HRD) -IN-
Potter, Karl H. (EDT) / Buswell, Robert E. (EDT) / Jaini, Padmanabh S. (
1999/05 (Motilal Books) ISBN:9788120808959 INR1695.00
標準価格: 税込\5,929

Milindapanha and Milindatika (HRD) -GB-
Treckner, V. (EDT) / Jaini, Padmanabh S. (EDT) / Trenckner, V. (EDT)
1986/12 (Pali Text Society) ISBN:9780860132356 UK£29.00
Web販売価格: 税込\5,359 標準価格: 税込\5,582

Apocryphal Birth-Stories (2-Volume Set) : Pannasa-Jataka (HRD) -GB-
Horner, I. B. / Jaini, Padmanabh S. (TRN)
1986/03 (Wisdom Pubns) ISBN:9780860132332  Not Available (Out of Print) ≪古書検索≫

Pannasa-jataka: v. 2 (HRD) -GB-
Jaini, Padmanabh S. (EDT)
1983/12 (Pali Text Society) ISBN:9780860131410 UK£41.75
Web販売価格: 税込\7,715 標準価格: 税込\8,036

Apocryphal Birth-stories: Pannasa-jataka (HRD) -GB-
Jaini, Padmanabh S. (EDT)
1983/12 (Pali Text Society) ISBN:9780860132448 UK£76.00
Web販売価格: 税込\14,044 標準価格: 税込\14,630

Pannasa-jataka: v. 1 (HRD) -GB-
Jaini, Padmanabh S. (EDT)
1981/12 (Pali Text Society) ISBN:9780860131403 UK£41.75
Web販売価格: 税込\7,715 標準価格: 税込\8,036
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