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Daily Life Explained : Answers to Life's Little Questions (HRD) -US-
McCarthy, Erin
2021/04 (Centennial Books) ISBN:9781951274641 US$19.99
標準価格: 税込\2,967

Historic Documents of 2019 (HRD) -GB-
Kerrigan, Heather (EDT)
2020/07 (Cq Pr) ISBN:9781544384665 UK£285.00
Web販売価格: 税込\56,743 標準価格: 税込\58,938

The Intellectual Devotional : Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education, and Roam Confidently with the Cultured Class (The Intellectual Devotional Ser (PAP) -US-
Kidder, David S. / Oppenheim, Noah D.
2020/11 (Rodale Pr) ISBN:9780593231746 US$16.99
Web販売価格: 税込\2,428 標準価格: 税込\2,522

How Things Work : An Illustrated Guide to the Mechanics Behind the World around Us (How Things Work) (HRD) -US-
Chartwell Books (COR)
2020/09 (Chartwell Books) ISBN:9780785838883 US$17.99
Web販売価格: 税込\2,571 標準価格: 税込\2,670

Plunkett's Airline, Hotel & Travel Industry Almanac 2021 : The Only Comprehensive Guide to Travel and Hospitality Companies and Trends (Plunkett's Air (PAP) -US-
Plunkett, Jack W. (EDT)
2020/09 (Plunkett Research Ltd) ISBN:9781628315813 US$384.94
Web販売価格: 税込\55,046 標準価格: 税込\57,162

South Asia 2021 (South Asia) (HRD) 18 New Edition -GB-
Europa Publications (COR)
2020/09 (Taylor & Francis) ISBN:9780367440398 UK£1065.00
Web販売価格: 税込\176,896 標準価格: 税込\220,242

Armed Conflict Survey 2016 (HRD) 2 New Edition -GB-
International Institute for Strategic Studies (EDT)
2020/09 (Routledge) ISBN:9781138474291 UK£145.00
Web販売価格: 税込\24,084 標準価格: 税込\29,986

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2021 (PAP) -US-
Old Farmers Almanac (COR)
2020/09 (Old Farmers Almanac) ISBN:9781571988485 US$8.95
Web販売価格: 税込\1,279 標準価格: 税込\1,328

International Literary Market Place 2021 (International Literary Market Place) (PAP) 54 Edition -US-
2020/09 (Information Today Inc) ISBN:9781573875653 US$369.50
Web販売価格: 税込\52,838 標準価格: 税込\54,870

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2021 (Old Farmer's Almanac) (HRD) -US-
Old Farmers Almanac (COR)
2020/09 (Old Farmers Almanac) ISBN:9781571988515 US$16.95
Web販売価格: 税込\2,423 標準価格: 税込\2,516

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