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The Genius of Yoga : How Yogic Meditation Can Unlock Your Innate Brilliance (PAP) -US-
Finger, Alan / Ferko, Peter
2020/06 (Shambhala Pubns) ISBN:9781611808049 US$16.95
Web販売価格: 税込\2,385 標準価格: 税込\2,479

Indian Philosophy: An Introduction (HRD) -GB-
Long, Jeffery D.
2020/03 (I.B. Tauris) ISBN:9781780762036 UK£75.00
Web販売価格: 税込\11,550 標準価格: 税込\14,437

The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 1: Bibliography (HRD) -US-
Potter, Karl H. (EDT)
2020/02 (Princeton University Press) ISBN:9780691072814 UK£49.00
Web販売価格: 税込\7,696 標準価格: 税込\9,432

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Triamazikamno Editions") (PAP) 41 -US-
Johnston, Charles
2020/01 (Independently Published) ISBN:9798601443388 US$17.00
Web販売価格: 税込\2,393 標準価格: 税込\2,487

One Degree Revolution : How the Wisdom of Yoga Inspires Small Shifts That Lead to Big Changes (HRD) -US-
Kozlowski, Coby
2020/01 (St Martins Pr) ISBN:9781250201751 US$26.99
Web販売価格: 税込\2,850 標準価格: 税込\3,947 ★StockTitle(US*)

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali : The Book of the Spiritual Man (Ixia Press) (PAP) Reprint Edition -US-
Johnston, Charles
2019/12 (Dover Pubns) ISBN:9780486836799 US$8.95
Web販売価格: 税込\944 標準価格: 税込\1,309 ★StockTitle(US*)

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (HRD) -US-
Johnston, Charles
2019/12 (Binker North) ISBN:9781774410257 US$14.99
Web販売価格: 税込\2,109 標準価格: 税込\2,192

Salvation in Indian Philosophy : Perfection and Simplicity for Vaisesika (Routledge Hindu Studies) (HRD) -GB-
Moise, Ionut
2019/11 (Routledge) ISBN:9780367420239 UK£120.00
Web販売価格: 税込\18,480 標準価格: 税込\23,100

Embodying the Yoga Sutra : Support, Direction, Space (PAP) -US-
Roy, Ranju / Charlton, David
2019/11 (Weiser) ISBN:9781578636884 US$24.95
Web販売価格: 税込\3,512 標準価格: 税込\3,649

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (PAP) -US-
Johnston, Charles
2019/10 (Binker North) ISBN:9781989708095 US$7.99
Web販売価格: 税込\1,124 標準価格: 税込\1,168

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