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The Europa World of Learning 2020 (2-Volume Set) (Europa World of Learning) (HRD) 70 New Edition -GB-
Europa Publications (COR)
2019/09 (Taylor & Francis) ISBN:9780367137953 UK£1270.00
Web販売価格: 税込\196,138 標準価格: 税込\245,516

The Statesman's Yearbook 2020 : The Politics, Cultures and Economies of the World (HRD) 156TH Edition -DE-
2019/09 (Palgrave Macmillan) ISBN:9781349959396 EUR329.99
Web販売価格: 税込\44,191 標準価格: 税込\55,239

Selling Rights (PAP) 8 New Edition -GB-
Owen, Lynette
2019/08 (Routledge) ISBN:9781138489486 UK£48.99
Web販売価格: 税込\7,565 標準価格: 税込\9,470

Selling Rights (HRD) 8 New Edition -GB-
Owen, Lynette
2019/08 (Routledge) ISBN:9780815352778 UK£110.00
Web販売価格: 税込\16,988 標準価格: 税込\21,265

The New Metrics : Practical Assessment of Research Impact (HRD) -US-
Lasda, Elaine M. (EDT)
2019/08 (Emerald) ISBN:9781789732702 US$95.00
Web販売価格: 税込\11,388 標準価格: 税込\14,261

The International Directory of Government 2019 (HRD) 16 New Edition -GB-
Europa Publications (COR)
2019/07 (Taylor & Francis) ISBN:9780367175221 UK£850.00
Web販売価格: 税込\131,274 標準価格: 税込\164,322

ヨーロッパ版 国際機関総覧(2019年版)
The Europa Directory of International Organizations 2019 (HRD) 21 New Edition -GB-
Europa Publications (COR)
2019/07 (Taylor & Francis) ISBN:9780367175160 UK£610.00
Web販売価格: 税込\94,208 標準価格: 税込\117,925

The Europa International Foundation Directory 2019 (Europa International Foundation Directory) (HRD) 28 New Edition -GB-
Europa Publications (COR)
2019/07 (Taylor & Francis) ISBN:9780367175191 UK£630.00
Web販売価格: 税込\97,297 標準価格: 税込\121,791

Metadata for Transmedia Resources (PAP) -US-
Vukadin, Ana
2019/07 (Chandos Pub) ISBN:9780081012932 US$78.95
Web販売価格: 税込\9,464 標準価格: 税込\11,851

Utilizing Technology in the Academic Research Process : Quality Output in a Fraction of the Time (PAP) -GB-
Dumay, John
2019/07 (Chandos Pub) ISBN:9781843346753  Not Available (Publication Cancelled)

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