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Russia and the Question of World Order (HRD) -GB-
Gtz, Elias (EDT) / Merlen, Camille-renaud (EDT)
2019/11 (Routledge) ISBN:9780367425555 UK£120.00
Web販売価格: 税込\19,932 標準価格: 税込\24,816

Putin and His Neighbors : Russia's Policies toward Eurasia (HRD) -US-
Spechler, Dina R. / Spechler, Martin C.
2019/11 (Lexington Books) ISBN:9781498588713 US$90.00
Web販売価格: 税込\11,118 標準価格: 税込\13,365

Return of the Russian Leviathan (PAP) -US-
Medvedev, Sergei
2019/11 (Polity Pr) ISBN:9781509536054 US$24.95
Web販売価格: 税込\2,963 標準価格: 税込\3,704 ★StockTitle(P)

Armenia and Europe : Foreign Aid and Environmental Politics in the Post-Soviet Caucasus (International Library of Twentieth Century History) (HRD) -GB-
Skedsmo, Pl Wilter
2019/11 (I B Tauris & Co Ltd) ISBN:9781788311748 UK£85.00
Web販売価格: 税込\16,923 標準価格: 税込\17,578

Return of the Russian Leviathan (HRD) -US-
Medvedev, Sergei
2019/11 (Polity Pr) ISBN:9781509536047 US$69.95
Web販売価格: 税込\8,309 標準価格: 税込\10,387

Baltic-Black Sea Regionalisms : Patchworks and Networks at Europe's Eastern Margins (HRD) -DE-
Bogdanova, Olga (EDT) / Makarychev, Andrey (EDT)
2019/11 (Springer) ISBN:9783030248772 EUR99.99
Web販売価格: 税込\13,417 標準価格: 税込\16,717

Thirty Years of Political Campaigning in Central and Eastern Europe (Political Campaigning and Communication) (HRD) -DE-
Eibl, Otto (EDT) / Gregor, Milos (EDT)
2019/11 (Palgrave Macmillan) ISBN:9783030276928 EUR99.99
Web販売価格: 税込\13,417 標準価格: 税込\16,717

Strategic Communication in EU-Russia Relations : Tensions, Challenges and Opportunities (HRD) -DE-
Pashentsev, Evgeny (EDT)
2019/11 (Palgrave Macmillan) ISBN:9783030272524 EUR99.99
Web販売価格: 税込\13,417 標準価格: 税込\16,717

Ukraine and Russia : From Civilized Divorce to Uncivil War (HRD) -GB-
D'Anieri, Paul
2019/10 (Cambridge Univ Pr) ISBN:9781108486095 UK£64.99
Web販売価格: 税込\10,794 標準価格: 税込\13,439

Ukraine and Russia : From Civilied Divorce to Uncivil War (PAP) -GB-
D'Anieri, Paul
2019/10 (Cambridge Univ Pr) ISBN:9781108713955 UK£22.99
Web販売価格: 税込\3,818 標準価格: 税込\4,754

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